6 Questions to ask about Auto Insurance

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In today’s time, driving a car with auto insurance is the only way to go about if you wish to avoid the risk of paying a huge amount of fine. Auto insurance coverage involves getting your insurer to pay for any unforeseen mishap that might occur with your vehicle. This includes accidents, theft or even vandalism. Let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions involving auto insurance.

Do I really need car insurance?

The answer is yes. This is because car insurance protects you, your vehicle and others that may be involved in an accident. This is done by providing financial compensation for any sort of damage incurred to the driver, passengers, vehicle or pedestrians.

What are the different types of auto insurance available?

  • Comprehensive Insurance- This includes any sort of damage that has occurred due to fire, theft, water, vandalism, etc.
  • Collision Insurance- This includes repair for your car that has been loaned by you from a secondary source such as a bank.
  • Liability Insurance- This includes injury that has occurred to a third party as well death related claims.

Factors that affect auto insurance quotes

An array of factors is involved in deciding auto insurance quotes Texas. These include the following:

  • Your locality and district
  • Model of car
  • Location where your car is kept
  • Your history of claims
  • Purpose you use your car for
  • Experience along with age of the driver
  • Information regarding any other drivers of the car
  • History of any driving offences

What does an Excess mean?

This can be defined as the amount that you must pay towards your insurance claim. Excess can of two types:

  1. Compulsory Excess- This is set by the insurer
  2. Voluntary Excess- This is set by you, where you decide whether to include one and its amount

A cheaper premium can be obtained by increasing the voluntary Excess; however this may or may not affect the quotes.

As a result, when you compare car insurance policies, it’s important to vary Excess levels to see how much your quote changes.

Does a car that never goes on the road need an auto insurance policy?

No, cars that are kept off the road do not require auto insurance.

What is a discount or no-claims bonus?

If you have auto insurance and a year goes by, however you don’t make a claim throughout that year, you will be given a no-claims bonus. This means you will receive a discount on the following year’s premium.


Having the security of an auto insurance policy can not only make your life easier and stress free, but it can prove to be a financial asset for years to come. It’s all about being informed about the best auto insurance providers available who have the financial stability to provide you with the services and claims you deserve.

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