Best Ways to Get Insurance Leads

Best Ways to Get Insurance Leads

Getting insurance leads is probably the toughest task for any insurance agent. Primarily because there are so many insurance agents out there so it gets difficult for anyone to stand out in the crowd. However, the good part is that since it is compulsory to have car insurance so there will always be a demand for insurance meaning there will always be an opportunity for agents to sell to someone.

Best Ways to Get Insurance Leads

With so much advancement in technology, getting leads have become easier as compared to how it used to be in the past. Here are some of the best ways to get insurance leads.

  • Purchase a list of potential customers

There are many companies who provide with contact information for phone calls, emails, and direct mails. You can purchase such a list from any provider in return for a fee charge. Opt for an exclusive list of leads since the company most likely be selling the same contacts to various agents. You might have to pay extra but it would be worth it. Make sure you understand the contract well with the listing provider if there is any before you buy the list. Apart from the professional lead providers, you can also get the list of leads from a closing insurance agency or an agent who is retiring from his service.

  • Make use of referrals

Referrals always work well especially in the market of services whose quality matters a lot. Even if you are new in the business or have a small list of leads you can get help from family and friends to help you win the trust of the potential customers.

  • Work well on your social circle

For selling insurance it is very important that you win people’s trust and confidence. For that, you need to have a good reputation yourself. You need to be committed to doing good for your society. Your primary objective should be to help your community for instance by contributing to organizing charity drives. Alongside, if you see any opportunity come across you to present your offering or even share your ideas with regard to insurance you can make most out of the situation without leaving the impression as if you are trying to make a sale. You can strengthen your social circle by participating in insurance-related seminars and contributing in forums both online and offline.

  • Work on your website

People today browse through the internet for any of their needs. Insurance is no exception. You need to have a well-worked and comprehensive website which attracts customers. You can use SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking so that it appears on the top of any search engine. It is very important to have a responsive website where customers can get insurance quotes easily. Get the feedback of satisfied customers posted on your website. People get influenced by testimonials when they make a purchase decision.

  • Other lead generation ideas

The old school ideas work well today as well to get insurance leads. For instance, print ads in local newspapers and magazines also help generate insurance leads. Also lookout for the newlyweds or new buyers of cars who are more likely to purchase insurance. Local restaurants and other businesses can be very helpful in giving the contact information of potential customers.


These were some of the best ways to get insurance leads. Once you have generated the leads you must offer them your consultation service wholeheartedly and most sincerely. The objective should be to have satisfied customers rather than just high levels of leads.

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