Build Your Road Skills Confidence as A New Driver

Build Your Road Skills Confidence as A New Driver


The above quotation is one of the attention-grabbing and funny road signs in the world. These signs alert the drivers about road safety. A new driver must follow the rules all the time in order to create a habit of following those rules.

Important things for New Driver

One of the important things which need to be done for a new driver is that he should hide his cell phone or power of it. If you’re going to read an email at a stoplight, drop the phone as soon as the light turns. Keep away the cell phone.

A short drive without looking at the phone will cause no harm but a drive while using the phone can cost you your life. The new feature of Apple “Do not Disturb” is a welcoming initiative but it does not work for too long. The new generation is so addicted to mobile that texting always gets negative attention while driving and it is very dangerous.

Avoid Cell Phone During Driving

Apart from mobile anything that distracts a driver is a danger for him. As a driver is new he can easily get distracted by anything. In old times new drivers were told to avoid AM/FM car radio while driving. And for now, the new driver should avoid listening to music. A person can easily get distracted by music.

Don’t blast your music so loud you can’t hear the sirens coming up behind you. And for all those who are addicted to cigarettes, they need to avoid it while driving. It can lead to many health problems as well as a thing that can divert the mind of a driver from driving.

Safety Guidelines for New Driver

The general safety guidelines which new drivers have to keep in mind are some basic rules which people usually forget. Most important of these is the use of seat belts. It is very important that a beginner should be used to wearing a seat belt from the starting. Seat belts help to prevent many accidents. Sit up straight and set the proper driving position. This isn’t your living room couch.

To take over the car in front of you, it is always advisable to use a dipper or a light horn beep to ask for space. Don’t keep pressing the horn and make a life for others miserable as well. People living nearby and on bikes get irritated by constant noises of horns.

Avoid to Drive Overspeed

Drive in a way that people are able to predict your next move. Use indicators. Give way to people. When you are turning left, go into the left lane.

 When you are turning right, go into the right lane. Make sure you keep pace with other drivers. There’s a speed limit and then there’s the speed we drive. Don’t Overspeed neither drive too slow.

Don’t park too close to the parking lines or the cars standing next. When you do, other drivers can’t use the space, or maybe can’t even get out.

Don’t park in electric-car spots unless you’re charging your electric car. If it were our electric car, and we were low on battery power, and your Excursion was using the charging spot…we’re not sure what we’d do, but it wouldn’t be very nice.

If there’s an accident call for legal help. Call the police and file a report. Call for medical help as soon as possible. Even if you are a doctor you will need help at the time of the accident. Call your insurance company and take pictures. Try keeping some emergency contact numbers in the car or on the screen of your mobile. So, people around can inform your family in case you’re not able to do so.

To be a professional driver it takes time. And for that a sacrifice now. Follow the rules and learn to follow them always. Slowly and gradually, your subconscious mind would take control of your driving. MAKE SURE YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND KNOWS THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF DRIVING.

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