Car Insurance Plans for Every Teenage Drivers in Texas

Car Insurance Plans for Every Teenage Driver in Texas

Summer break might be a good time to get down with your teenage child to teach him or her driving. Once you are done with that you must get a driving license for your child. At 14 years the teen is eligible for a learner’s license. From 16 to 18 years’ provisional license can be obtained. Once the license is obtained it is a great reason for celebration for the whole family.

It brings mixed feelings of joy, happiness, worry, and anxiety all at the same time. No doubt the feeling of seeing your child all grown up and driving the car is unparalleled. But at the same time, the fear that your child might get into some accident also engulfs. Given their inexperience, naivety and thirst for thrill parents of teenage drivers are under constant fret. Therefore, car insurance for teenage drivers is a must. However, car insurance agencies are usually skeptical and hesitant when it comes to insuring young drivers.

Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers:

As soon as your teen receives his or her driving license he must get his car insurance in order to be qualified as a legal driver in Texas. Failure to do so is a serious offense in Texas, no matter how old or young you are. Usually, people add their teenage child to their own policy rather than getting into the hassle of selecting car insurance agencies and buying a separate policy for their child.

How to Lower Premiums On Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers: –

When you add your teenage child to your insurance policy, insurance cost tends to rise by a great extent. It is because car insurance agencies look at teenage drivers as risky. Hence lookout for ways to lower premium on car insurance.

Car insurance agencies prefer teens who have completed any of the approved teen driver education courses. These courses improve your child’s driving skills and understanding of safe driving. Apart from that, such courses make your teen eligible for a discount.

Once your teen obtains his driving license, your job is to motivate him or her to maintain good grades in his college. Many insurance agencies give discounts to teens who earn good grades. A minimum of “B” or a better grade shall help you enjoy lower premiums.

Do not get carried away with the overwhelming emotions of seeing your little baby all grown up. It is of no use to spoil your teen by buying him a grandiose, fancy sports car that would cost you a fortune. Rather you should make him or her responsible citizen. Get a second hand and safe car that will let him or her polish driving skills. Not only it will save you from potential financial loss it will also make your child a prudent driver.

Drive Fuel-Efficient Cars

As emphasized earlier your choice of the vehicle plays an important role in determining your premium rate. Many insurance companies give preference to those who drive fuel-efficient cars. If you want to buy your teen a new car, make sure it is an economic one price-wise as well as fuel consumption wise. This way you can benefit from the low-mileage discount.

Companies also reward teenagers who drive infrequently. For instance, you can benefit from the “student-away” discount. It is given to those who do not drive to the college by their own car especially if their college is located at a great distance. Commuting by public transport to and from college is considered a positive thing by insurance companies.

Many insurance companies give the option of installing a telematics device in the car that records all the information pertaining to the driving pattern. This way the insurance company is able to monitor the driving performance and reward the teen accordingly.

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