Check Out the Best Plans Available for Texas Car Insurance

Check Out the Best Plans Available for Texas Car Insurance

It’s a new year and a new beginning calls for some great decision making. And your auto insurance policy should be no exception. This 2019, we’ve hunted down some of the best plans available for your Texas Car Insurance. And trust us when we say, these deals are definitely worth a glimpse.

Your auto insurance is definitely an essential purchase that requires a little bit of research and planning before the actual buying begins. At the same time, getting a policy and insurer that corresponds to your needs is a daunting task. For reasons like these and more, we’ve outlined some great options for Texas citizens.

For Good Drivers

Good drivers are the name given to individuals who exhibit a clean driving history and faultless credit scores. These drivers are termed as being less risky to insure as well. Research shows that State Farm is a fabulous option for those on the lookout for about a minimum of $100 a month. In second and third place, Progressive and Esurance follow. It should be noted that the best plans carry a full coverage type of insurance policy.

Drivers having poor credit scores

Poor credit score drivers often have to pay extra because they’re termed as risky to insure by auto insurance firms. In Texas, State Farm seems to be leading the pack at providing the cheapest plan for drivers having poor credit scores. This comes in at $208 per month. Geico rounded up at number two while Esurance came in at number three.

For low mileage drivers

Low mileage drivers are those who don’t drive around much. Finding an insurance policy that fits in with their driving history isn’t the easiest of all tasks. In Texas, State Farm is offering the best low mileage driver policy with rates on average of about $100 a month. Progressive comes at number two while Esurance ranks as the third cheapest option. As can be seen, low mileage isn’t a huge factor considered by auto insurance firms in Texas.

Policies encompassing minimal coverage

Minimal coverage policies are the term used for plans that encompass only the ones required by the Texas state law. The cheapest option is again State Farm with $42 on an average, each month. Allstate comes in second at $63 a month while Progressive takes a close third position at $65 a month. It should be mentioned that such a low type of coverage isn’t usually recommended as it would fail to cover the bills in misfortunate cases of an accident.

Summary of the cheapest policies for auto insurance in Texas

Whether you’re a good driver, poor driver, have a low credit score history or simply are on the search for a minimal coverage auto insurance policy in Texas, State Farm wins hands down. This auto insurance company is renowned for all the right reasons, providing citizens with a reliable and convenient means for all their auto insurance needs. But there is one company that takes the top spot for the cheapest rates in all of Texas and that is USAA. However, their clientele is solely restricted to military families.

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