Credit card rental car insurance coverage in Dallas

Credit card rental car insurance coverage in Dallas

Do you want to have rental car insurance? Your credit card can even help you lot to get rental car insurance coverage. Many insurance companies around the world offer this coverage that makes it so much easy to get insurance through credit cards.

How your credit card helps to get car insurance coverage?

Yes, it does. But there are very important points that must be kept in mind before going to have this facility of car insurance through your credit card.

  • Your credit card offers secondary rental insurance. It means that it covers certain damages that are not covered by your regular car insurance policy.
  • You must book your rental car with your credit card under your own name to get this coverage. Simply having a credit card in the pocket does not work for such coverage.
  • This post basically talks about the use of consumer credit card for getting this coverage. You can also get it through your business credit card but with a consumer credit card, it becomes more easy and useful. The credit cards in the same network have varying amounts of this coverage. The terms and conditions of each network are different from others in this regard. Call your bank or check your card’s settlement to learn more about it.

Other cards that are offered to get this coverage are listed below.


It offers excellent rental car insurance coverage benefits because it is widely available to card holders. Unlike other networks, it offers its rental car insurance coverage on all its cards like standard, signature, reward, works etc. The limit of its time period is 15 days domestically and 31 days for abroad. It includes the covering of the costs of theft and physical damage as well. It does not pay for the costs of injury, property damage to others, taxes, and tire wear and tear cost.

New visa card

Master card:

Its benefits are also like that of visa. But it does not offer the rental car insurance coverage on all its cards. It offers only on platinum, gold, world and world Elite cards. The rental period of master card is 15-31 days depending upon the type of card?

American express:

The most attractive feature of this card is that it offers very low fees for the acquisition of rental car insurance coverage Texas through it. It also offers free secondary coverage up to $50,000.The rental period is 30 to 45 days consecutively and 30 days in Washington state. It covers the costs of physical damage, property damage, theft, and injuries. The maximum car coverage is $50,000 while there is no converge for medical expenses under this card.


The credit card rental car insurance coverage in Dallas is having this amazing addition. Unlike other three cards, the discovery does not cover the loss of use fees only collision damage up to $25,000.Its rental period is 3 days and 45 days for those employees who use a business credit card. It pays for the costs of only collision or theft. It does not pay for the costs of injuries, property damage etc.

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