Customized parts and equipment coverage limits in Dallas

Customized parts and equipment coverage limits in Dallas

All auto insurance policies have certain limits; beyond these limits, they can’t help you more. Many auto insurance policies cover the cost of the original parts of your vehicle. But here is a coverage that covers the costs of enhanced parts of your vehicle when they are damaged or even stolen.

If you enhance your car with custom parts or equipment, then you must have this optional auto insurance coverage.

Types of customization:

Most of the times the customization covers the following enhancements

  • Electronic equipment such as TV monitors and stereos
  • Engine enhancements
  • Custom tires and wheels
  • Custom paints
  • Exhaust enhancement

There are certain limits to buy this coverage and these limits vary from company to company and from state to state. In some states, acquisition of collision and comprehensive coverage is compulsory before getting this coverage. The maximum coverage limit is $4,000.

What is an enhancement?

It is defined as the installation of new custom devices, equipment or other parts in your vehicle that may change the performance or appearance of your vehicle. Having enhancement in your vehicle makes it more luxurious sometimes. So the ordinary auto insurance policies don’t cover the costs of damages to such enhanced parts. They only cover the costs of damage to the original parts of the vehicle.

Enhanced cars

What does Customized parts and equipment coverage limits in Dallas cover?

It covers the following types of vehicular enhancements

Technological modifications:

  • Stereos, sound producing, sound recording and television equipment
  • Radios, citizen band radios, and scanners
  • Personal computers, WI-FI access, and navigation systems

Aesthetic modifications:

The customized parts and equipment coverage in Dallas also covers the costs of following aesthetic modifications of the vehicle.

  • Custom grilles, louvers, side pipes, hood scoops or spoilers
  • Custom wheels, tires or spinners
  • Custom chrome and paint
  • Body, engine, exhaust or suspension enhancer
  • Special carpeting or insulation
  • Furniture or bars
  • Height extended roofs
  • Painting or other graphics

Unique car colors

How much it covers?

The coverage limits of this auto insurance policy are up to $4,000 for the coverage of above-mentioned enhancements of the vehicle. The amounts of this coverage depend upon the following factors

  • The actual cash value of the damaged or stolen vehicle
  • The amount it costs to repair the vehicle
  • The costs to replace the damaged vehicle

The need for documentation:

If you want to avail the customized parts and equipment coverage in Dallas, then you must pay attention to the documentation of this coverage. Always take documents carefully and take the pictures of the enhancements of your vehicle. Such careful steps help you when you claim over these enhanced parts.

Is it available everywhere?

This coverage is not available in all the states of the world. In some states, the acquisition of collision and comprehensive coverage is compulsory to get this coverage. While in other states there are no such restrictions to buy this coverage. It is even not available in some states of the world. In most states of the world it is an optional auto insurance coverage also has some different names in some states of the world. It is really very useful auto insurance coverage for you if you want to enhance your vehicle with luxury parts or equipment.

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