Differences Between Basic And Full Coverage Car Rental Insurance

Basic And Full Coverage Car Rental Insurance

When you plan a trip to some other state you often go for car rental. Just as your own vehicle car insurance, you are given options of car rental insurance. Rental insurance protects you from unexpected and unforeseen mishaps that could possibly spoil your trip. Bad weather, lost or stolen properties from the car, getting into an accident or any other catastrophe may strike and make your trip stressful instead of pleasant one.  That is to say, the differences between basic and full coverage car rental insurance are same as they are for normal auto insurance.

Personal accident insurance: –

As per personal accident insurance, if you get into an accident your medical bills, ambulance bill for the renter and his passengers and in case of accidental death all the expenses shall be covered. However, usually it is not necessary for you to obtain this insurance. It is because the level of protection it provides is what most of the people are normally entitled to as per their health cards and life insurance. Moreover, even the car rental companies are required by law in most of the states to provide this level of insurance.

Personal effects coverage: –

In case of theft of personal belongings from the rented car, personal effects coverage provides protection from such losses to a set limit amount. If you travel with expensive items like jewelry, musical equipment or expensive electronic gadgets it is better to be safe by obtaining this protection.

Supplemental liability protection: –

Supplemental liability protection covers losses to the property of the person with whom you get into an accident because of your own fault. It also pays for the medical bills for the injuries sustained as a result of accident. Every state makes it mandatory for car owners to obtain minimum liability insurance. However, your rental car company might suggest you obtain supplemental liability protection if it considers the level of insurance that you have to be insufficient to come in handy when needed.

Collision Damage Waiver: –

Collision insurance protects you against the damage to the vehicle resulting from an accident. Whereas collision damage waiver basically lets you forgo or waive off any payments arising from the damage to the vehicle rented while it is with the renter. The cost of damage waiver depends on the kind of car that you have rented, its make and model and how expensive it is. Rental location also impacts the cost of collision damage waiver.

These were some of the differences between basic and full coverage car rental insurance. Depending on your need you can decide which coverage to go for when renting a car. When you plan a trip and consider the option of car rental, do your research beforehand with regard to options provided by your current car insurance and credit card coverage options. If they are sufficient to make your trip secure, you might not need to go for car rental insurance option as the rental company may suggest. If not, these are some options which may be of use.

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