Dui with Property Damage in Dallas Texas | Penalty Cost

Dui With Property Damage In Dallas Texas

In Texas driving a vehicle is subject to diverse range of rules and regulations. There are certain laws regarding driving without auto insurance, driving while being intoxicated, dui driving of minors etc.

The state prohibits the drivers for drunk driving. There are clear cut penalties for drunk driving. The state of Texas also takes initiatives to educate people about the adverse effects of drunk driving.


This post deals with the Dui with property damage in Dallas Texas. As damaging a property while being drunk in driving is considered a serious crime in Texas. The reason is that the drunk driving causes a lot of deaths each year. In 2002 the dui accidents killed more than 12,000 people that was an alarming fact for the state. Thus the state introduced rigid penalties for that crime.

What Is Intoxication?

The state defines intoxication when the person is not having a normal level of alcohol in his blood. Normally it is considered as 0.08 % but if found to be above 0.15 % then the offense is taken as severe offense and hard penalties are there for such offense. Driving while being intoxicated is not at all allowed in Dallas. The specific law chapter in Texas has a separate penal code that is consist of all the set of penalties for dui property damage in Dallas.

Texas penal code for offense against property:

Chapter 28 of chapter 7 of Texas penal code clearly defines the dui property damages and the set of penalties for such offense. The set of rules states that there will be no compromise on any dui property damage. The person must be undergone the penalties.

Laws for drunk driving

Penalties for class B misdemeanor:


The Dui with property damage in Dallas Texas classifies the offenses. Depending upon the content of blood alcohol, the dui property damages while driving in drunken state are defined as class B or class C misdemeanor. Such drunk driving can even take you to prison. The first offense is advised to get rid of that bad habit after sending him to prison for 72 hours. If continued to commit that offense again and again, then the person is sent to prison for 180 days. If the container is found to be open, then the prison is suggested for 6 days.


Dui with property damages in Dallas Texas also fixes some fines if your drunk driving causes great property loss. An amount of $2, 0000 is charged that is not easy to pay.

Penalties for class C misdemeanor:

If the blood alcohol content is found of level 0.15 or more, then the offense is considered as Class C misdemeanor. For such offense, following penalties are decided in the law of Texas.


The imprisonment for such offense is of one year.

Drunk drivers


The Dui With Property Damage In Dallas Texas also have the penalties of fines as well. The fines decided for this offense is $4,000.

License suspension:

Dui Property damage personal injury is such a severe effect of drunk driving. The state orders for license suspension of the driver as it does not compromise with the lives of people. Such license suspension can take a couple of years too depending upon the nature of accident and the extent of damages caused by drunk driving.

In severe and repeated cases, the driver is even disqualified for future issuance of driving license. Even that the companies don’t offer him future auto insurance.

Education programs:

By keeping in mind the increased accidents and property damages due to drunk driving, the state of Texas has introduced some education programs. These programs are designed for the awareness of public regarding the bad effects of using alcohol specialty during driving.

It also tells about the Dui with property damage penalties, punishment and the ways to avoid that. In certain situations, the state makes it compulsory to drunk drivers to attend these education courses for making them free of penalties.

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