DWI Penalties with Child Passenger in Dallas, Texas

Dwi Penalties With Child Passenger In Dallas Texas

Drunk driving, the serious dilemma prevailing in the world. This issue had been taking the lives of so many people. It becomes the worst when it takes away the lives of innocent children. Thus it has been considered as a big crime and strict penalties are decided for it in Dallas, Texas.

What is DWI?

DWI stands for (driving while intoxicated), also known as Dui (driving under influence). It means to have any kind of drugs driving a vehicle. The state of Texas is very concerned about its public, thus it has clear-cut rules and regulations in its law for committing DWI in Dallas.



DWI penalties with child passenger:

Dwi Penalties with Child Passenger in Dallas Texas are obvious for everyone. In case of having drunk driving with child passengers, the Texas Department of family and protective services takes away the custody of that child from you. Here you can imagine how serious crime it is. These penalties can vary depending upon the following facts.

  • Whether the person has already committed this offense or not
  • The concentration level of alcohol in his blood
  • Whether he is  a habitual offender or not

Furthermore, it depends upon the nature of injury caused to a child passenger. The penalties vary depending upon the level of injury the child passenger receives. In case of death, long time prison and other harsh penalties are here in the law of Texas.

Jail penalty:

As per the car insurance law of Texas, if someone is driving in a drunk state and is having child passenger in his vehicle who is less than 15 years old, then the person has Dwi assault and is subject to send to jail for a longer time period such as from 180 days to 2 years.

Arresting drunk drivers


The Dwi Penalties With Child Passenger In Dallas Texas also charge fine of $10,0000.But in case of repeated offense, the fines also go higher and higher.

Installation of interlock device:

In case of severe cases, the driver is subject to have an interlock device in his vehicle that automatically records the presence or absence of alcoholic content in his breath.

Punishment of community service:

In case of having felony offense, the punishment of community service for 1,000 hours is also here for the driver.

Completion of a Specific Course:

If the driver continues to commit this offense, then the state makes it compulsory for him to complete an approved course related to the awareness of the disadvantages of drunken driving. He is not allowed to drive without the completion of that course.

Expenditures Of legal Costs:

When the person is sent to jail or his driving license is canceled, then he will have to incur a lot of court costs and other legal costs. Such costs cannot be paid by an ordinary driver. In severe cases, the time period to resolve the issue also becomes more and more critical and prolonged.

Probation or Community Supervision:

The Dwi Penalties with Child Passenger in Dallas Texas also involves some probation periods or the offender is sent for community supervision on different locations for a longer time period. During his services, strict check and balance are kept to make him work all the time and it can also be increased depending upon the completion of the task.

License suspension:

If the drunk driver causes the death or serious injury of the child passenger, then his license is canceled for many years. If the offense is for the first time, then you have only 15 days to consult with the court to get your license back.

But in second and third-time offenses, things don’t remain so easy like this. In some cases, it takes a lifetime period to get the driving license back. In other cases, the heavy legal costs and too much longer time period of the case makes the offenders irritated and they can’t enjoy driving during all that prolonged time period.

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