Factors Influencing Auto Insurance Premiums

Factors Influencing Auto Insurance Premiums

The probability of high-premiums doesn’t have to do anything with insurance companies. In fact, there are several factors which are considered by insurers to determine auto insurance rates. These are often determining by calculating possible risks.

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7 Factors that Affects Auto Insurance Premiums

1. Occupation

It depends on occupation you’re employed at or at which stage you’re studying can affect your car insurance premiums rates. Your insurer may ask about seemingly small to big details as the level of education and occupation. There are some high and low-risk occupations that play part in high-low rates as it statistically shows the risk of accidents among drivers.

High-Risk Occupations
  • State brokers
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Architects
  • Businessman
Low-Risk Occupations
  • Scientists
  • Pilots
  • Accountants
  • Artists

2. Career

Your higher level of education will contribute towards lower auto insurance rates. Your family members can benefit from this factor by applying for a single policy by listing the one who has the higher degree in education.

For e.g: Bachelor’s degree vs. College degree

This all depends upon your insurer if their policy is to use profession or career in calculating the premium.

Affects Auto Insurance Premiums

3. Type of Your Vehicle

This all to do with ensuring vehicle safety ratings and accordingly offering discounts to customers. Some auto insurance companies increase premiums for cars that have a prospect vulnerable to damage, auto theft or is susceptible to occupant injury.

Driving latest vehicles means more discount on insurance, basically who have high safety ratings for passengers and from car thieves.

4. How Far Do You Wheel?

It relates to long and short-distance commuting. Regardless of how low-risk a driver you’re, drive less to avoid accidents. The more miles you’ll drive; there will be more chance of collisions.  Reduce your miles by getting into a carpool to decrease auto insurance premiums.

5. Poor Credit History

Having been remembered as the worst driver can increase your premiums in the blink of an eye. As the credit information is used by insurers to predict future insurance claims.  It produces a valid effect on determining auto insurance premiums.

6. Age, Sex, and Marital Status

Yes, it matters.  Underage drivers become a fatality of high rates especially single males.  If you’re under 25, don’t daydream of car insurance. If you’re a bachelorette or a married person or student, then opt for good discounts and seek every situation of getting one.

Even being a student who maintains good grades.

7. Driving Record

The drivers who have more probability of getting into an accident have to pay more than crash-free drivers. Maintain your good driving habits and if possible re-write your driving history. History of more accidents will eventually raise your auto insurance premiums.  Polish your driving skills by doing any well-recognized course to show up as a positive point in driving record.

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