Field Sobriety Test Procedures and Types in Dallas, Texas

Tests for field sobriety

Driving with the drunken state, the most dangerous one among all roadside accidents. The state of Texas takes initiatives to overcome this issue. The state conducts some tests to ensure the presence of alcoholic material in the blood of suspicious driver.

What is a field sobriety test?

The Field Sobriety Test Procedures and Types in Dallas Texas are very clear. This test is specially conducted to know about the confirmed alcoholic contents in the blood or urine of the drivers.

If the police officer is suspected of the drivers with the drunken state, he has the right to request him to undergo the field sobriety test. In such case, the driver has the liability to conduct this test. And if he is found of alcoholic content, then the police officer has the right to arrest him or to suspend his driving license.

History of field sobriety test:

The Field Sobriety Test Procedures and Types in Dallas Texas have the history of years. National highway traffic and safety administration started conducting this important test since 1982.

The officers are trained by NHTSA to ensure the reliability of the tests. These tests are well planned and they also examine the coordination and balance of the driver as well. Such tests also tell about the accurate performance of the driver.

Types of field sobriety tests:

The Field Sobriety Test Procedures And Types In Dallas Texas are well formed.Although there are different kinds of field sobriety tests, among these the three tests are of standard and are accepted as the most basic and effective sobriety tests.

These are walking in a straight line and turning around, standing on one leg while counting and horizontal gaze nystagmus. In the last test, the officer places a material like a pen from a safe distance of the driver and moves it in different directions and observes the driver’s eye movements. If some jerking is observed in the eye movement, and then the driver is found to have alcoholic content.

While in the other two tests, the officer observes about the direction of the driver. He observes that whether he is able to maintain his balance or not. If the driver keeps space between heel and toe or not moving in the right direction, then he is found to have alcoholic contents in his blood.

All the tests are conducted in the proper light and in a dry atmosphere to ensure their validity before the court. If the weather conditions are not good, then only the last one test is conducted. The reason is that the rest of the tests can only be conducted in dry conditions.

Field Sobriety Test Procedures And Types In Dallas Texas

Evidence of field sobriety tests:

Following are a few pieces of evidence that lead towards the conduction of DWI field sobriety test. These observations are how the driver drives vehicle, how he acts, how he looks or smells like, what they say, what they agree on and how they perform. Such observations are taken by the officer in the flashlight of rear view mirror.

On the basis of above-mentioned observations, the officer further conducts the field sobriety test. In most cases, the driver does not know about such observations. But the state of Texas implements rules on police officers as well. They are instructed to conduct a police sobriety test, such tests depend upon the real facts and solid observations.

Tests for drivers

Problems with field sobriety test also arise in some cases. The court looks after and ensures the following rights of the drivers. The reason for the initial stop, the way to take initial evidence, the way to conduct the test, the procedures of the field sobriety test and the way to handle the arrests. Thus the police of Dallas also care about the heir driving rights drivers while taking all such proceedings. They even tell drivers about how to pass a sobriety test.

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