Car Insurance Quotes in Harris County Texas

Driving a car is not the safest thing that we can do in our lives, but we need our cars to get around. Because accidents happen, having car insurance is the only way that we can keep ourselves safe along with others on the road. Car accidents can cause quite a lot of damage so it is very important that we are protected and that we find the best rate on car insurance.

Requirements for Car Insurance in Harris County, Texas

In Texas, you must have liability insurance in order to drive. Most liabilities will have specific amounts that they cover if an accident occurs. Your liability should cover $30,000 for every person that was injured in the accident. It should cover $60,000 for the entire accident and $25,000 for any of the property that was damaged in the accident. You may hear an agent call this the 30/25/60 rule. This is just the basics of what you need when buying car insurance.

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Harris County

There are many ways to save money when you buy car insurance in Harris County. Some of the highest prices in the county have gotten up to $811 per year, with the average price hovering around $589 per year. Some of the lowest prices that drivers have seen in Harris County start at $323 to $497. Drivers can save up to $650 a year by shopping around to find the lowest price on their coverage.

How Much Insurance Do You Need

This is always the question that new drivers must face. Buying car insurance is not easy and you probably have a million questions about it. As far as the amount of car insurance you need, it will vary from driver to driver. However, there are a few types that you will need. The more coverage that you have on your car, the lower the chances are for you to run into any problems if you cause an accident.

If you have no other way to get around, you will need to add rental car reimbursement to your insurance plan. This will save you from having to pay out of pocket if you are ever in a car accident. If you do not already have roadside assistance like Triple A, you may need to add this onto your plan as well.

Things to Know Before You Buy

Discounts are everywhere! This is key to remember when you are shopping around for your car insurance. This can save you quite a bit of money. If you have a great driving record, agencies will offer discounts and some will even give drivers a hefty check at the end of the year. Tell the truth when it comes to buying insurance. You may end up with a higher rate, but at least you will be protected.

Buying car insurance doesn’t have to be hard or something you put off. By finding the right agency to cover you, you can drive through the city knowing that you are safe and very well protected.

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