How to File Insurance Claim for Car Accident?

File Insurance Claim for Car Accident

Once you have obtained your insurance from your chosen car insurance company in Texas. You need not worry when driving around in the state. However, you must know what to do in the situation of an accident. That is when you make the insurance claim. The following are things you must know in order to file an insurance claim for a car accident.

Inform the Police

First and foremost, you must report the accident to the police so that someone who is authorized and more experienced can take note of important details right away. Sometimes the impact of the accident is so frightening and elusive that you are not in a position to comprehend the situation. So it is best to involve police right away. They can take care of issues such as dealing with emergencies, for instance, calling the ambulance if required. If the other party is especially problematic, calling a police officer would help control the situation.

Report The Car Accident Officially

Once the police have arrived at the scene. You will be explained your legal responsibilities and the course of action you have to take. You have to file an official report to the government department concerning motor vehicles. The police officer can help you with that.

Gather Information

This step is extremely crucial in settling the insurance claim. The more detailed and accurate your information is, the easier it gets to settle the claim. The insurance company asks for information to process the insurance claim. So have your facts and figures ready with you for a speedy process.

Contact The Insurance Company

Once you are in a better state of mind and recovered from the trauma of the accident, contact your insurance provider from the accident place. They will guide you as to what and how you are going to handle the situation. It is the duty of the company to take you forth.

In case your car is pretty badly damaged and cannot be driven your insurance company shall help you with your transport and towing of the car to some safe place. These provisions can be made if your insurance policy covers to this extent. The company shall start its insurance claim procedure.

Meet with The Claim Handler and Work Out the Situation

When your insurance company is taken into the loop. You will be given a claim handler to work the situation on your behalf. All the years you have been paying the hefty amounts of premium to be saved from the legal trouble associated with accidents. The claim handler will represent you wherever required to settle any discussion or debate with external parties. He will take care of all the repairs required to be made to the vehicle. If you need an alternative vehicle till the time your own vehicle is repaired, your claim handler will make arrangements for that.  In case of any injuries sustained, the claim handler will review the expenses incurred in this regard and make necessary settlement.

Insurance Claim Payment Procedure

The claim officer will do comprehensive research and investigation into the situation to see what expenses have occurred due to a car accident and how much does your policy cover. He will arrive at an estimate of the total loss. The amount of deductible which is the amount you have to pay out of your pocket will be mentioned. This amount will be deducted from the total estimate. Then you will be given a time frame in which your claim will be settled. Your coverage depends on factors such as the type of insurance you have bought, whether or not you were at fault during the accident and the kind of damages sustained during the accident. Your claim handler will try to ensure that your needs are very well taken care of and you get the best out of your insurance policy in Texas.

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