How to Protect Your Car from Theft?

How to Protect Your Car from Theft

Usually, people don’t pay much heed to protect the car from theft. Prevention is always better than cure. It is better not to let someone tamper with your most prized possession rather than going through all the hassle of finding your lost car or getting the stolen parts replaced. Not that it would only save you from lots of trouble it would also help prove yourself as a responsible person. It would help improve your position to bargain for a better premium rate for your car insurance. Here are some tips with which you can protect your car.

Keep your keys safely

When your car is stolen, the first question your inquiry officer will ask you is about your keys. So you must keep all your keys very safely with you. Even if you keep your keys safe, there are ways thieves can steal your car by use of gadgets that help them intercept signals and without letting the owner know the car gets unlocked. So to avoid such a situation, keep your keys wrapped in foil so that the metal helps block unwanted signals. People are now getting smarter and instead of hanging keys at the entrance wall, they put it safely in places such as a microwave oven and fridge that block unwanted signals.

Park your vehicle at safe places

It is very important to park the car safely in the garage rather than leave it unsafe outside your home. It is better to have your garage surrounded by good lighting so that the area does not attract criminals. If you don’t have a garage, make sure you park your car at a place that is looked after by a surveillance camera. When you park your car, make sure you lock the doors and windows properly.

Hide an old not in use phone in your car

This is a smart tactic to protect your car from thieves. Synchronize your phone with your Google account. In case of theft, you can use the function of “find my phone” to locate your vehicle.

Make use of the anti-theft device and other technologies to keep a track of your car

With so much advancement in technology, there are a variety of anti-theft devices and tools that make it difficult for thieves to do their mischievous acts. Usage of such devices also helps earn good discounts from insurance companies. Vehicle immobilizer systems can be quite handy. Some people also make use of baby monitor to help see whoever makes the unwanted move towards your car. Installation of loud sirens can also prevent thieves from fiddling with your car.

If your car is stolen there are auto theft recovery tools that help in getting back the vehicle before it is too late. For instance, OnStar is one such auto theft recovery system that helps to locate lost vehicles and give important information to state departments.

Never leave valuable items in your car

Needless to say, never leave important and expensive items such as cash, jewelry, tablets and expensive phones in your car. A thief might be after your valuable items for which he might break your car window. So in order to protect your car from theft, be sensible and never leave valuable items in your car.

Have your vehicle marked

If your vehicle’s glass is marked with Vehicle Identification Number, it is less likely there would be any act of theft and vandalism with your car. Having the windows, mirrors and windscreen marked means the thief would have to go through the trouble of erasing all such marks which are quite lengthy and troublesome to do. So most likely no thief would like to go through all such hassle.

So be smart and protect your car from theft before it gets too late.

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