Mechanical breakdown insurance coverage in Dallas

Mechanical breakdown insurance coverage in Dallas

As the name indicates, this auto insurance coverage is all about covering the costs of the sudden breakdown of your car on the road. No matter how much caring driver you are, your vehicle breaks down all of a sudden on the road. Then this policy comes forward to help you.

What is mechanical breakdown coverage?

The mechanical breakdown coverage covers the costs of your vehicle if that is suddenly broken on the road due to certain reasons.

Difference between mechanical breakdown coverage and extended warranty:

Although this coverage seems to be similar to extended warranty, yet it has some differences.

  • Mechanical breakdown coverage covers more types of repair than the extended warranty.
  • In mechanical breakdown coverage, you pay the premium while in extended warranty you pay one lump payment.
  • You have the right to take your car to any licensed driver but in extended warranty, you are bound to only a few mechanics.

Damaged cars

What does mechanical breakdown coverage cover?

Keep in mind that this coverage does not cover basic vehicle maintenance that is

  • Oil changes
  • Break replacement
  • Tire changes

Besides these, it also does not cover the damages of your car that are caused

  • Intentionally
  • By corrosion
  • By improper maintenance of car
  • Through misuse of car

Thus it only covers the costs of the damages to your vehicle that are all due to sudden reason happened on the road.

The mechanical breakdown claims:       

If your vehicle is insured by GEICO’s Mechanical breakdown insurance(MOI), then all the repair costs are covered excluding maintenance and wear and tear causes. You must know about the claims of mechanical breakdown coverage. Here are a few tips for that,

  • Don’t allow your car repair to get until you have authorization from GEICO. If you don’t give authority to GEICO to investigate your repair needs before repairing, then you have to quit the claim in some cases.
  • You can report your MBI claim online or can call at (800) 443-771.
  • After reporting the breakdown, the claim examiner will call you within 24 hours and will tell you about the acquisition of claim in details. He will keep you updated about the repair process and will ensure you about the perfect repair of your car soon.
  • You can even take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice. You just have to tell the repair facility about your MBI claim. Rest of the proceedings will be carried out by them. You have to tell them the contact number (800) 443-771 and ask them to tell the authority about the nature of the problem and the estimated cost before starting the process of repair.

Damaged cars

  • After hearing from the repair facility, the GEICO examiner will go to the inspection of the vehicle within 24 hours.
  • GEICO pays to repair facility directly for the costs of the repair of your car. You just have to pay your $250 deductible directly to the repair facility. But if you are having multiple problems, then you will have to pay a separate deductible for those problems as per the policy of this coverage. For example, if your brakes and air conditioner need to be fixed, then you will have to pay $250 deductible separately for both repairs.
  • If the repair facility is not able to diagnose your mechanical failures, then the GEICO will not pay him any fee.

Mechanical breakdown coverage used the car:

You can also have this coverage for the used car. It is not only for new personally owned cars. For further details, you must have to consult the respective auto insurance provider of your state as rules vary from state to state.

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