Penalties for Dui Vehicle Assault in Dallas

Penalties For Dui Vehicular Assault In Dallas

The state of Texas had always been taking serious steps for eliminating drunk driving in Dallas. If you are observed of drunk driving and you cause any car accident, then a set of penalties is designed that is strictly applicable to the concerned person. Even that the state has a different set of rules and regulations in its law and all the laws are strictly implemented as well.

There are certain steps to implement such penalties. Firstly, it is confirmed that the driver was driving with the drunken state. Certain tests are conducted for that purpose. After confirmation, the state decides the concerned Penalties for Dui Vehicular Assault in Dallas.

Vehicular intoxication assault means driving on the road in the drunken state and causes an accident with a person’s injury. If the victim is observed of having serious body injuries, then steps are taken against him. The serious bodily injury means the loss of the working of any body part or any other impaired damage. As drunk driving is becoming a serious issue day by day, the states are taking serious steps to eliminate it. The detail of its penalties is given below.

Drunk drivers in jail


Such an offense leads you to jail for two to ten years that is such a long time period to stay in jail. In the case of second-degree offense, the person is subject to be sent to jail for 20 years. Here you can see the adverse effects of vehicular assault in Dallas. Vehicular Assault jail time is such a painful time period, only the victim can feel it.


Aggravated dui penalties have been designed for such offense. Fine of $10,000 is charged as the Penalties for Dui Vehicular Assault in Dallas. It can be increased depending upon the nature of injury of the victim.

License Suspension:

In case of first-time intoxication assault, the license suspension is from 90 days to one year. If the driver is observed of committing the same crime within five years of the first offense, then the license suspension reaches up to one more additional year. In such cases getting back, your license becomes a difficult procedure as you become a risky driver in the eyes of the state. In some cases, you have to consult the court but in case of repeated offenses, the legal procedure also takes much time.

Penalties for vehicular assault in case of death of victim:

Sometimes the vehicular assault takes you towards the ever worst consequences and that is the death of the victim. If any of public figure is killed, then the offense is taken as a second-degree offense. But in case of the death of police officer, medical employee or any other emergency situation, the offense is considered as the first-degree offense and serious penalties are here for that crime even that of life imprisonment

In third degree offense, the driver mostly disappears from the place of the accident. A different set of penalties is there for such offense. The third-degree offense is also considered when the driver does not do the following after the injury or death of the victim.

  • Immediately stop the vehicle at the place of accident or near to the place of an accident
  • Immediately stop the vehicle without blocking more traffic on the road
  • Immediately return back to the place of the accident if they do not stop their vehicle just after the accident
  • Remain at the scene of the accident until certain requirements are fulfilled

Injuries due to drunk driving accidents

Penalties for vehicular manslaughter:

Here is another aspect of Penalties for Dui Vehicular Assault in Dallas. The vehicular manslaughter is considered when the victim has undergone the injury due to extreme careless and reckless driving of the driver. If death occurs in such state, then the penalties become more rigid. These can include longtime license suspension, long time imprisonment, no future auto insurance Texas and other sets of penalties. In some cases, the state even takes away the right of driving from you.

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