PIP insurance coverage in Dallas

PIP insurance coverage in Dallas

Here is another one among the wonderful insurance policies provided by the state of Texas. The PIP (Personal injury protection) gives you benefits when you are having personal injuries due to non fault accidents. All other insurance policies provide you ease in case of emergency happenings caused to others. None of them cover your personal losses. But PIP insurance coverage in Dallas does it.

What is PIP insurance?

As discussed above, the PIP insurance coverage is all about covering your personal injuries and property losses in case of worst happenings. It gives you such benefits when you are at non fault accident. While other insurance coverage works for you when you cause of fault accidents and give damage to others. This is the only insurance policy that pays for your own damages, all other pay for the damages of others caused by you. Thus it has its own worth.


What is”No-Fault” insurance?

NO-Fault insurance is a special kind of insurance that pays for your personal losses regardless the fact that who was the cause of the accident. In simple words, it does not care about the accuser of the accident. It only cares about the coverage of your own personal damages caused by that accident.

It helps to get rid of delayed payouts of personal injury claims by the drivers and the expenses of lawsuits related to traffic accidents.

The PIP insurance prohibits the right of sues. But you can have this right only in two situations. The first one is in case of death or serious injury. The second one is when the damages exceed the threshold.

What it covers?

The PIP insurance coverage in Dallas covers a lot of costs. Your policy and the state determine the extent of coverage. But normally it covers the costs of the followings.

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages due to personal injury
  • Funeral expenses

The PIP insurance also covers for your costs in traveling. For example if you are travelling in someone else car and undergo some accident, then this coverage covers the costs of your damages.

Care for others

Who needs PIP insurance?

In most states it is an optional coverage. But you can deny having it if you want to keep the right of sue with you. As it is not a compulsory insurance coverage, thus it can be got very easily through claims. There are certain limits for this coverage that can be minimum and maximum. But if you are having health insurance coverage, then you must acquire this coverage as well. The reason is that the health insurance coverage gives a few benefits, the rest of can be covered easily through PIP insurance. The minimum amount of its overage is as below.

  • $4500 per person for medical costs
  • $100 per month for one year for disability and loss of income
  • $25 per day for in home services
  • $2,000 for funeral expenses
  • $4500 for rehabilitation

How it works?

Keep in mind that if you don’t have maximum limits as decided by you in the policy, then PIP can’t work for you in severe accidents and other severe happenings. So you must be very careful while selecting the limits of PIP in the policy. The states that acquire PIP insurance also acquire liability car insurance that pays for the costs of others damages due to you. If you are hit by an accident then the PIP of other driver will help him to cover his costs of damages. Here you can see the advantages of PIP policy in Dallas.

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