Rental Car Insurance: What You Need to Know About Used Cars Texas

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A question that commonly arises in many people’s minds regarding purchasing a rental car in Texas is whether or not rental car insurance should be bought. Spending valuable time reading long paperwork of the rental car’s contract, especially the insurance section is never done. For this reason, many buyers are never sure whether or not rental car insurance should or should not be bought. Let’s take a look at the following tips that can help solve this dilemma regarding rental .

Start by making important phone calls

The first step is to begin by making two important phone calls. One phone call is made to your insurance company. You need to find out how much coverage the car has in the first place. Your auto policy should have collision or comprehensive included or else your car will not be covered in cases of theft or damages incurred. Ask whether or not loss of usage, towing charges and administrative fees is included too, as this will help you save up, as compared to getting it separated from your rental car company. The other phone call should be made to your respective credit card company. The majority of credit card companies provides a certain level of auto insurance for rental cars. Request them to send you in writing the coverage of your rental car so you have a good idea of where your rental car stands. It should be kept in mind that credit cards usually do not provide coverage for personal liability claims. Towing charges may be provided by some, but administrative fees and coverage for diminished value are usually not included by a majority.

Keep a look out for alternative rental car options

Car Sharing –Car sharing is the name given to a program that requires you to pay an annual or monthly fee and pick up cars from a range of destinations for a certain period of time.

Peer to Peer –Car Services- This is a service that allows customers to rent a car that is personally owned by others.

The important thing to remember here is that these companies do not provide standardized insurance coverage. For this reason, reading the coverage information carefully from their website is important as well as contacting via their customer service helpline for any questions can be done.

For many individuals out there, car rental insurance is commonly overlooked due to lack of information being provided. With the following tips and guidelines, you no longer have to worry about matters regarding rental auto insurance Texas. The key point to remember is whether or not your standard auto policy will cover car rentals too, and what coverage your rental car currently holds. Going on from there will be simple as can be.

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