Texas traffic ticket fines and costs

The amount and kinds of  Texas traffic ticket fines and costs vary in Texas from city to city. For example, running a red light in Bexar country would not charge fines as compared to running in Travis country. You must see your traffic citation to check the payment of your fines. The amount of fines also varies in Texas from country to country. Some of the common fines and traffic tickets in Texas are as followed.


The additional administrative fee or surcharges are charged to those drivers whose driving record shows some disobedience of traffic rules. This is the part of state’s driver responsibility program (DRP). There are two kinds of surcharges in Texas.

Texas traffic ticket fines and costs

Point system surcharges:

The point system is same across the state. If you are having 6 points on your driving record, then you have to pay a surcharge of $100.Each additional point after 6 points will charge you the surcharge of $25.Your driving records are checked annually by the state. And if more than 6 points are observed on your driving record then you have to pay surcharge accordingly. There are certain conditions and discounts on this surcharge. You may have more or less surcharges every year if an annual review of your driving record shows added points or removed points.

Conviction based surcharges:

These are much expensive than point based surcharges. Some of your convictions with surcharges for 3 years and these are stared right after the date of conviction. Following conviction based surcharges are applied

  • Driving while intoxicated,$1000 surcharge for a first-time offense
  • DWI 2 or more offense,$15,00 surcharge
  • DWI with blood alcohol content of .16 or greater, $2,000 surcharge
  • No insurance,$25 surcharge every year
  • Driving with an invalid license.$250 surcharge
  • No driver license.$100 surcharge every year

In some cases, the state offers deduction or installments policies too.

Texas traffic ticket penalties:

The Texas traffic ticket penalties don’t vary from country to country; they remain same no matter where you commit an offense. These are applied in the following cases

  • Getting points added to your driving record
  • Having your TX driver’s license depending upon the type of driving license you have.

People disobeying traffic rules

Texas point system:

This system is so much systematic and approved across the state. The points are added to your driving record for three years if you are observed of any conviction. In order to remove or reduce the points on your driving record, you have to take a state-approved defensive driving course.

Texas fines for traffic violations

Here is the list of fines that the state of Texas charge from you for minor and major traffic violations.

Fines for minor violations:

Disobeying railroad traffic signs


Failure to stop for the school bus

$200-$1000 for a first-time offense, the repeated offense will result in the license suspension

Not wearing a seat belt

$50-$200(depending upon the age of the passenger)

Parking in disabled space

Up to $500

Fines for major violations

Driving without a license


Driving while being intoxicated

$2,000 fine, 90 days license suspension and 3 days in jail for the first time offense

Hit and run

Maximum $5,000 fine and 5 years in jail

Reckless driving

Up to $200 fine and 30 days in jail

Intoxication manslaughter

Up to $10,000 fine and 2 to 20 years in jail

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