Dwi Dui Penalties For Minors In Dallas Texas

Dwi Dui Penalties For Minors In Dallas Texas

Want to know about the consequences of drunk driving if you are under 21 years old? Here it goes for you. The state of Texas has very rigid rules in this regard. It strictly implements these Dwi Dui Penalties for minors in Dallas as well.

A minor is a person having age less than 21 years. Such a man is supposed to have serious penalties if he is observed of drunk driving without auto insurance in Texas. Firstly, the state takes test to ensure the presence of alcohol or other drugs in your blood. Sometimes the minors refuse to conduct such tests, and then they are subject to face some penalties.

The state has zero tolerance law for minors. Under this law the drivers less than 21 years old can’t drive any motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol or any other drugs. If someone disobeys the law, then he has to face serious penalties. The detail description of Dwi Dui Penalties for minors in Dallas is given below.

Accidents due to drunk driving

Penalties for refusing to conduct DWI tests:

If the minor refuses to conduct such test, then the state has the right to suspense his license. If the offense is observed for the first time, then the license cancellation lasts for 180 days, while in case of repeated refusal, the license cancellation lasts for 2 years.

Penalties for not having driving license:

If the minor does not have driving license and is observed of drunk driving in that state, then the state removes your driving privileges for the above mentioned time periods. Now you can imagine the extent of Dwi Dui Penalties for minors in Dallas.

Penalties of fines:

If the minor is observed of drunk driving for the first time,then he is subject to pay a fine of 500$.In severe conditions you have to incur the costs of courts and other legal costs along with the fines.

Fines for drunk driving

Penalties for not completing alcohol educational program:

Texas has introduced an awareness program for minors to guide them about the effects of alcohol ad drunk driving. This program lasts for 12 hours. If the minor does not take this program, then he has to face additional 180 days license suspension.

Penalties of license suspension:

Here is the license cancellation Dwi Dui Penalties For minors in Texas. The license suspension for minors committing crime for the first time is for 90 days. But if he commits the offense second time, then he has to face the license suspension for 120 days and for the third time the license suspension reaches up to 180 days.

Penalties for Non driving alcohol offense:

Such kind of offense is meant for the attempts of purchasing or consumption of alcohol or having a fake document showing that you are above 21 years old just to have access to alcohol. It also stands for public intoxication. Penalties for such offense are as follow.



Penalties for drunk drivers

  • License suspension for the first time offense is of 30 days, for the second time offense is of 90 days and for the third time offense is of 180 days.
  • Based upon your age and level of offense, the judge has the right to give you the punishment of community service or the education programs.

Steps taken by state for the minors to remove this offense:

The state of Texas takes initiative steps for the minors to make them aware of the worst consequences of drunk driving in Dallas. For that purpose, it has started alcohol education program for the minors. The content of the program is very constructive and it teaches the minors about the relationship of alcohol and drunk driving.

Best trainers are invited to conduct such programs in order to make them more fruitful. Sometimes the judge also allocate community service programs for making the minors more responsible.


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