How Gender Affects Auto Insurance Rates

How gender affects auto insurance rates

This post is going to share how gender affects auto insurance rates. Your car insurance company takes it in deep consideration while deciding the rates for your auto insurance. Generally women pay less on auto insurance as compared to men. Pricing gap is factor that is of great importance in this regard.

The pricing factor

It is mainly influenced by following factors.

  • Type of car chosen by man
  • The frequency of accidents among women vs. men
  • Gender based statistics showing risky behavior of both genders
  • The average number of miles driven by men vs. women

Auto insurance rates for women

The women pay less for auto insurance as mentioned above. The reason behind this is women are less likely to

  • Fall into an accident
  •  Commit moving violations like speeding, driving under the influence( DUI)
  •  Buy costly cars that are expensive to insure
  • Drive as many miles as a man drives

Due to above mentioned factors; the women are offered lower auto insurance rates.

Why gender is a factor for auto insurance?

It seems biased but the historical data and other important figures prove that it is a good factor to determine auto insurance rates.

man with challan

  • 70% of all death causing accidents in 2012 were due to male drivers
  • In 2008 the number of people died in fatal accidents were 50 %higher for men as compared with women
  • Men are most likely to be under the influence of alcohol, thus they are more likely to undergo accidents that can be fatal.
  • It is observed that 80 % use of seat belt was from women side, thus they were considered as good drivers. Mostly men don’t bother this important factor and they become more risky drivers.
  • In 2012, 30% of male drivers who caused deaths of others in accidents were observed to have over speeding. On the other hand, women are mostly speed conscious and they don’t go beyond the set limits.

Since risk exposure is a great factor for determining auto insurance rates, thus the auto insurance companies charge more from males for their premiums. This is how gender affects auto insurance rates.

But if you have a poor driving history with maximum number of accidents and more claims, then you are supposed to pay higher premium rates regardless the gender you have.

How age affects auto insurance rates?

Your age is also an important factor to determine your affordable auto insurance rates. For example the car premium rates for women between the ages of 16 to 24 are very high. And for the men of same age ranges, it is much higher than women. The auto insurance companies mostly make age groups of men and women and decide the rates of premium on the basis of these age groups. They charge highest auto insurance rates for the youngest age group. It gradually decreases with the increase in age group. But in every age group, the amount of premium for males is higher than females. The reason behind it, the men are most likely to


  • Fall into accidents
  • Drive car on over speeding
  • Can cause of fatal accidents
  • Drive under the influence (DUI ) and driving while intoxicated (DWI)
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