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How car insurance claims affect rates
Here is the description of how car insurance deductibles affect rates. Being a driver you must know about the car insurance deductibles and its impact on car insurance rates. What is car insurance deductible? This is the amount that you pay from your own pocket for an accident occurred due to you, before your car...
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Does Having A Dog Increase Renters Insurance? It depends on the company you go with. Assuming your landlord allows pets, most companies will not raise your rates for having a dog. There are some exceptions with some companies, however. Some breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweiler’s, German Shepherds and Dobermans have been considered higher risks of liability, therefore...
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Is Your Jewelry Insured
What Happens If Your Engagement Ring is Stolen? Getting engaged can be one of the most memorable times of a couple’s life. Having a burglar break into your home and steal the engagement ring, however, can be something you’d like to forget. The good news is that with a little advance planning, your homeowners or renters insurance...
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If you expect a lot from your auto insurance company, then it also expects a lot in return since the partnerships always require such mutual cooperation between you and your auto insurance companies. So you must comply with the rules and regulations of maintaining this relationship. Most of the auto insurance companies may start to feel...
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Many of you will surely want to change your auto insurance company at some point in time. Although, ideally it should not be like that. You must be very selective while deciding to get insurance from a company and there are several reasons behind it. Rude or Unresponsive Customer Service As customers, we want friendly...
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What to do if your auto insurance policy lapses
Being a driver you must know about the circumstances in which your insurance policy lapses may get a lapse and it is essential to know what to do next. The following post will teach you how to cope up with Auto Insurance Policy Lapses. In such a situation you will have to pay fines and...
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Speeding ticket fines in Texas
We have all heard that speed thrills but kills. Speed can be responsible for great body and property damages in accidents. Like in any other part of the world over speeding is prohibited everywhere. As a result of this commitment, the State of Texas has introduced specific speed limits for drivers along with the penalties...
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Driving “under the influence” of alcohol is one reason for the loss of many lives of people across the world. Thus, the concerned States in the US have been discouraging it by implementing serious penalties for anyone doing so. The State of Texas has also set tickets and penalties in its law. The alcoholic limits...
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Types of Traffic Tickets in Texas
Texas does not compromise on rash driving like any other place in the US and at the end, it is all a matter of obeying all the set rules and regulations. The following will give you an understanding of the fines and tickets that come along harsh driving and over speeding in the State of Texas. Strict Liability:...
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This type of auto insurance coverage helps you to pay for the costs of your damages caused by uninsured drivers. The statistics show that there is a rapid increase in the number of uninsured drivers every year. One primary reason for this change is the lack of awareness of drivers regarding the advantages of being...
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