How marital status affects auto insurance rates

How marital status affects auto insurance rates

Can I get driving privileges being married or unmarried? Yes! It is like that. Your marital status affects a lot your driving privileges including your auto insurance rates. Many car insurance companies use this parameter for determining your car insurance premiums.

Why a marital statue affects auto insurance rates?

How marital status affects auto insurance rates? This is the valid question that why my marital status is so much important for car insurance and how it can even affect my premium rates. An unaware person would surely take too much interest in finding the answer to this question.

Someone who is married is considered to have fewer chances to get into an accident as compared to the one who is unmarried. This is how marital status affects auto insurance rates. Well, this is research-based fact. The national institute of health shows that the drivers who are unmarried have twice the risk of injuries and accidents as compared to those who are married.

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Combine your policies after marriage

You must like to know that how marital status affects auto insurance rates? Here is the description of another good insurance policy in this regard. This is one of the highly appreciated and well-practiced ways of getting car insurance policies. A married couple must combine their policies after marriage to get the best of those policies. But in certain cases you should have separate policies, such circumstances are given below.

  • If your spouse is having an expensive car that can have higher car insurance rates
  • If your spouse drives a classic car
  • If your spouse is having a poor driving record
  • If your spouse has to travel thousands of miles per day

In such situations you must keep your policies separate as combining the policies in these circumstances will not give you additional benefits.

Domestic partnership policies:

Some auto insurance companies offer special domestic partnership policies. These are mostly similar to those of married couple policies as being joined you can have lower car insurance rates as compared to being single. These policies are helpful for those who don’t have combined policies. Your car insurance rates usually decrease when your partner

  • Has good driving record as you have
  • Travels less miles per day as compared to you
  • Has a car model that is not expensive to insure


If you are giving your vehicle to your roommate, then you will have to give all the driving licenses of the persons in your home. In such condition, you have to face higher auto insurance rates due to a number of people added on your driving record. This is how lending the vehicle to roommate affects your car insurance rates.

Multiple vehicle discounts:

As you have already known about the benefits of combining policies, here is another one for you if you are having more than one vehicle in your home. Yes, your auto insurance company gives you special discounts in such a situation. These discounts give you some coverages but with less expensive rates.B ut remember that you must insure all of your vehicles under the same company to get these discounts.

Car insurance rates after divorce:

Your car insurance rates change after divorce. The reason is that your personal situation also changes in such case. If you are recently divorced, then you must inform your auto insurance company about it to remove the combined policies. You must tell them about the change in your address, financial situation and other important factors.

Then they will give you some different policies with special discounts that would surely help you a lot. You must talk to your auto insurance agent. He will tell you about your new auto insurance Texas policies after examining all of the above-mentioned changes in your life.

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