Medical payments coverage in auto insurance

Medical payments coverage in auto insurance

What is medical payments coverage in auto insurance?

The auto insurance coverage policies mostly cover your vehicular and other financial costs. But when you see deeply, you come to know about its diverse advantages. One of them is covering your medical expenses. Yes! Nothing is more important than your health. The medical payments coverage covers all your medical expenses in case of accidents. This auto insurance coverage had been specially designed to cover your medical expenses that is really a good facility.


What does it cover?

Basically, the medical payments coverage in auto insurance pays for medical expenses when you are struck by an accident. It does not matter that whether you were on a fault in that accident or the other person. The additional payments that it covers are listed below.

  • Funeral expenses
  • Injuries sustained by your passengers
  • Injuries you sustain as a cyclist or pedestrian after a vehicle hits you
  • Dental care as a result of car accident

How to purchase medical payments coverage in auto insurance?

Purchasing this coverage is not a difficult task. It is an optional auto insurance coverage but the states write it in your auto insurance policies. But if you don’t want to get that, then you can reject it by writing.

The amount of its coverage varies according to states. But generally, you have to consider the following points before taking medical payments coverage in auto insurance.

  • Your current health insurance
  • Your personal injury protection coverage
  • The cost of coverage

What is your health insurance?

The health insurance coverage must be taken into consideration before taking medical payments coverage in auto insurance. If your health insurance is providing you sufficient help for your damages to accidents, then there is no need to purchase medical payments coverage. Your health insurance is not giving you maximum help and then goes for medical payments coverage. This coverage can also be used as secondary insurance to your health insurance. It simply means that your health insurance covers most of your costs of injuries.  When they are met successfully, then the rest of are paid with medical payments coverage. Thus both policies go hand by hand and give you wonderful financial help.

Personal injury protection:

In no-fault states, the states that help you financially in accidents regardless of the fact that you were the cause of that accident or not) the medical payments closely resemble personal injury protection. They are like others because both cover the costs of your injuries in case of accidents. But there are few differences between them.

  • In most no-fault states, the PIP is a required coverage rather than an optional coverage.
  • PIP is only available in no-fault states and in some other selected states.
  • PIP offers payments for income loss due to work off while medical payments do not offer such payments.
  • In no-fault states, the medical payments are taken like optional coverage that is taken like supplementary to PIP.

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The cost of medical payments coverage:

Following factors determine the rate of premiums of medical payments coverage in auto insurance.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Claims history
  • Marital status

It’s a fact that medical payments coverage in auto insurance is one of the least expensive coverage.

Do I need medical payments coverage in my auto insurance policy?

Well, it depends upon whether you are having health insurance and PIP and are they meeting your costs of injuries or not? It further depends upon the state where you live and the rate of premiums. But it is very effective auto insurance coverage. There is no doubt in it.

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