Penalties for a Felony DWI Conviction in Texas

Penalties For A Felony Dwi Conviction InTexas

Here is the ever imagined Penalties for a Felony DWI Conviction in Texas. The state orders the courts to charge serious penalties to those who have been committing DWI offense since the last five years. Such repeated offense makes you a very risky driver in the eyes of the state. Thus the state has introduced a wide range of penalties and rules and regulations for the felony DWI conviction.

To ensure the removal of Dallas Dwi felony in Dallas, the state has started the mechanism of the specially invited machine. This machine is installed in the vehicles and tells about the presence or absence of alcohol in the blood of the driver after taking several readings. The driver is asked to take the breath in this machine many times.

And then the device reads and tells that whether the driver is driving in a drunken state or not. This technique has made the drivers more conscious and traffic police can also check the state of any driver at any time. In case of denying having that device in your vehicle or not submitting the tests, you have only 15 days to consult the legal adviser for getting your license back.

The Penalties For A Felony Dwi Conviction In Texas also involve office held, cancellation of the right to vote, inability to receive some government assistance and to limit the access to some professions that an individual can have. When we talk about how many felonies is DWI in Texas, and then the answer comes with the maximum ratio of the DWI offense.

The state of Texas has a rigid set of felony DWI Texas penalties and fines in their law to overcome the crime of DUI offense in Dallas. Here are their details.

Penalties for Injuring an Individual:

The law states that if a drunk driver injures someone in intoxicated state and the injured person is less than 15 years old, then the driver is even sent to jail depending upon the level of injury to that person. If the injury is of severe type, then the offense is considered as the third-degree offense and serious legal steps are taken against it no matter whether the injury was due to mistake.

If the drunk driver hits a peace officer or the medical employee, then the offense is considered as the second-degree offense of felony and separate penalties are there for that offense. In case of having the death of the individual, the offense is taken as third degree and longtime imprisonment is there for that offense.

But if the death of the officer, medical employee or any person with the emergency has happened, then the offense is of the first degree. The chapter 12 of Texas penal code clearly denies the set of Penalties for Felony DWI Conviction in Dallas.



o drunk driving

Penalties for a first-degree felony DWI offense in Dallas:

For such offense, the imprisonment of 5 years is decided but it can be life imprisonment too depending upon the nature of death. While fine for such offense is $10, 0000.

Penalties for a second-degree felony DWI offense in Dallas:

Penalties for a Felony DWI Conviction in Texas for second-time offense are, the person is sent to jail for two years but it can reach up to 20 years. The fine of $10,000 is charged in case of second-degree offense.

No drunk driving


Penalties for a third-degree felony DWI offense in Dallas:

The person is sent to jail for two years, the maximum can be of ten years and fine is charged $10,000.

License Suspension:

The license of the driver is also suspended within the 30 days of the offense.

  • First Dwi with child passengers       90 days to 1 year
  • First intoxication assault                     90 days to 1 year
  • Repeated felony Dwi offense          180 days to 2 years
  • Repeated felony Dwi offense within 5 years of the last offense)    1 to 2 years

Educational programs for repeated felony DWI offense:

In case of having felony DWI offense, again and again, the state advises the driver for the educational programs that are designed for the better awareness of the consequences of the felony DWI offense.

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