Types of Homeowner Insurance Leads

Types of Homeowner Insurance Leads

Meaning of Live Transfer Leads: –

A live transfer lead is generated when a prospect makes a phone call that is taken by a customer service representative working in a call center. The prospect makes a request or query to the representative. According to the request he directs the prospect through different steps till he reaches the relevant service agent. In this way, most of the work of the agent that is finding a prospect is already done. In fact, the prospect himself comes in contact with the agent making half the job done for the agent. It is referred to as live transfer lead because the prospect is transferred directly to the agent and is in lice contact.

Importance of Homeowner Insurance Leads: –

Imagine a giant tree falling down in your newly landscaped backyard. You spent a hefty amount of money and energy working on the fences just for a deer to bump into! Your neighbor is teaching his teenage son how to drive a car and while reversing he bangs the car on the main door of your house. Surely nobody would want to be in any of these situations. But if you have sufficient homeowner insurance, things might not be that bad.

Homeowner insurance protects you and your house against financial damages. Insurance companies charge a premium in exchange for support and assurance that when your house if faced by an unexpected calamity, the company shall stand by your side and protect you from any financial losses. These calamities include theft, fire, hail storms, and hurricanes. Apart from this, if you cause a loss to your neighbor’s house inadvertently the insurance protects you in such a case as well and bears the damages on your behalf.

When filling out homeowner insurance form you will have to give certain information. To begin with, you must give your contact details including phone number, residential address and email address. You have to mention what type of coverage you want to opt for. Other details include the deductible amount, residence value, personal belongings value, personal liability and personal property deductible. Construction profile is also important outlining details such as year of construction, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, design and total number of rooms. Residence accessories are also important pieces of information. You have to mention things like presence of a deck, deadbolts, smoke detectors, and central air.

Benefits of Live Transfer Leads in Homeowners Insurance Leads: –

Live transfer leads refer to those prospects who have shown their interest in purchasing homeowner insurance leads. So the task left for the insurance agent is just to close the sale by convincing him to trust you and your company. It saves time and energy from the agent’s point of view as well as the prospect. It simplifies tasks even further through the qualification process which clarifies what type of insurance is required and what type of filters are needed by the prospect. The biggest benefit of live transfer leads is that they are absolutely exclusive.

It means that a particular call belongs to a particular agent only. It relieves the agent from the pressure of chasing prospects. This means a lot to the agents. Instead of the agents chasing the prospects, the prospects reach out for the agents. Then it is totally on the skills of the agents to persuade the prospects and be of help to them. Live transfer leads to guarantee a 100% contact rate, unlike traditional insurance leads. It also lets agents benefit from mobile phones. Most of the people use mobile phones for all their search needs. Through live transfer leads, the prospect can be transferred immediately to the agent.

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