Dui with Property Damage in Dallas, Texas

Be careful while driving on the roads of Dallas. There is no concession of any DWI or DUI offense. The state of Texas has rigid sets of penalties in its law for such offenses. The DWI offense had been causing great losses like that of the losses of lives, losses of properties and losses of vehicles. This post intends to tell you about the Dui with Property Damage in Dallas Texas.

This offense is when you are hitting a residential place or any other important building while driving with the drunken state. The range of penalties depends upon certain factors like whether the container was open, did it injure any person, did it destroy the property of the public completely or partially etc.

Intoxication is defined as not having normal mental and psychological easiness due to the presence of alcohol in the blood. In such state, the person is not able to drive smoothly and causes of accidents and other losses. Dui property damage personal injury also comes under such category. In such case, the victim undergoes serious injuries along with damage to his property. Such accidents have been increased up to an alarming figure, thus the state of Texas has added its penalties in its law. Because everyone is equal in before law.

Dui With Property Damage In Dallas Texas


Dui with Property Damage in Dallas Texas is also revealed from its historical figures. The statistics of Texas show the ever worst drunk driving accidents. Among the total number of accidents, 10% are considered due to drunk driving with great lifetime losses. By keeping in view such increased ratio, the state of Texas has set some Dui with property damage penalties, the punishment that is shared below.

The Texas Department of motor vehicles is responsible for maintaining the record of the issuance of motor vehicles, registration of vehicles and the awareness programs for drivers across the state. It also regulates the smooth issuance of motor vehicles. Its regional offices are also located in different cities of Texas.

Penalties for class B misdemeanor:

The state describes that driving while intoxicated and damaging the property in that state is considered a class B misdemeanor. If the DUI with property loss is of class B, then the offender is sent to prison for 180 days and a fine of $2,000 is also charged. The duration of the initial arrest is 72 hours.

In case of having an open container during the offense, the offense is also taken as the class B misdemeanor and in such case, 6 days imprisonment is decided for the offender. Someone who is opening a vehicle in public place with drunken state, he is also considered as the DUI offender and all the concerned penalties are implemented on him as well.

Penalties for Class A Misdemeanor:

If the level of concentration of alcohol is found in the blood or urine of offender up to 0.15%, then the offense is taken as the class a misdemeanor. According to the penal code of Texas, the penalties for such offense is one year in prison and fine of $4,000.Suspension of driving license is also done in extreme damaging cases and renewal of driving license in such condition takes a long time period.



Penalties for class C misdemeanor:

Here is another list of Dui with Property Damage in Dallas Texas. When the drunken driving cause’s damage to property due to reckless driving, then the offense is of class C. In such case fine of $500 is charged. But serious warnings are issued to such offenders. If they ignore it, then they are subject to all other rigid penalties as per the law of Texas.

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